Upload Resources under Course

To Upload Lecture Notes and Links under the Course Resource folders, please follow these steps:

1. Login to Entrada: https://entrada.nusmedicine.nus.edu.sg/

2. Navigate to Courses, then select course, e.g. MD1140 - Normal Body Structure and Function


3. On the left column - under Resources, select the AY, e.g. AY2324.


4. Expand a system block, pillar or pathway folder, and select a the folder type. E.g. If you are uploading Lecture Notes, select Lecture Notes


5. Upload your file:

Please use the naming convention:
YYYY-MM-DD_SDL_Lecture Title_Tutor Name
YYYY-MM-DD_CBL_Title_Tutor Name
YYYY-MM-DD_CLC_Title_Tutor Name