Complete Assessments by PIN

The Assessment & Evaluation function in Entrada is used to assess learner performance in a pre-clinical (e.g. Professionalism), and clinical (e.g. Mini-CEX) environments.

  • If an assessment has been pre-assigned to you (assessor), you wiil receive a notification email. Follow steps 2-8 below to complete a form.

  • If you a clinical tutor assessing a student at the ward, clinic, etc, and:

    • you want the form to be emailed to you for completion at a later time, follow the steps to Complete Assessments by Login.

    • you want to complete the form on student's device, follow the steps below to Complete Assessments by PIN.

1. Ask the student to select Assessor to complete the assessment form on the spot when triggering the form using his/her device. Below is the student view for your reference.


2. Once the form has been triggered by the student, you (the assessor) will then enter your PIN and fill in the form on the student’s device.


3. When done, scroll below and click Submit and have assessor confirm by PIN.


4. Enter your PIN and click Submit


5. The form will be submitted. 


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