Manage Course Page Content

If you are assigned as a program coordinator/director for a course, you can add/update its course description, director's message, and different types of resources.

1. Go to Admin > Manage Courses.


2. Select the course where you were assigned as coordinator. If you cannot access the course(s) relevant to you, please write to


3. You will be brought to the coordinator/admin view of your course page.


4. Select the Setup tab to:
a. Add Course Contacts:


b. Add Course Objectives. Click Map Course Objectives to select the EPAs applicable for this course.


c. Click Save to complete your changes.

5. Select the Content tab to:
a. Add Course Description and Director’s Message

b. Attach files and links which you want to be generally accessible to all the audience of your course.

c. Click Save to complete your changes.

6. Select the Enrollment tab to:
a. Search students enrolled in this course and view their email and photo.
b. Download Enrolment as CSV.


7. Select the Groups tab to create sub-groups which are not found under Cohorts as audience for your learning events in this course. Click Add New Groups, enter group name and add students.

Note: Gradebook and Reports are work-in-progress. 


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