Familiarise with the Interface


  1. Main menu. Click any tab on the menu to display its functions and options
  2. Bookmark frequently accessed page. Click Add Bookmark while you are at any page to bookmark it
  3. Quick links. Click on any link to open it in a new tab
  4. Get help or give feedback. Click here or report a problem, or to give us your feedback
  5. User profile. Click the picture or name to edit your profile
  6. Breadcrumb navigation. Indicates the location of the user. Helps users to go back to higher-level page
  7. Announcements. Check this area for any announcement
  8. Access your teaching events. Click on any event listed here to add contents, tag objectives or attach quiz to the event
  9. Subscribe to calendar. For adding events to your calendar
  10. RSS feeds. Click on any news feed for more content