NUSMed Entrada

Since July 2017, NUSMed has adopted Entrada (also known as Elentra) as the school's new learning management system. Entrada is a web-based integrated teaching and learning platform created to allow learners, teachers, and administrators a simple way of accessing, interacting, and managing information within our educational environment.

Entrada is specifically designed for medical school, and meets the needs of the NUSMed more than generic learning management tools, such as Moodle or Canvas. It also offers a comprehensive curriculum mapping and reporting component, which is essential to our ability to meet accreditation standards.

These six pillars make up the Entrada medical education ecosystem.
  • Academic Calendaring
  • Learning Management
  • Curriculum Mapping and Reporting
  • Communities (Microsites)
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Learner ePortfolios

Come and have a chat with us to see how we could support you in adopting Entrada for your teaching needs.

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